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What do End Product & End Users mean?
What do End Product & End Users mean?

Define end user & end product

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Licenses are based on the usage of the end product and on end users.

  • End Product is any artifact (website, software, web app, mobile app) produced that incorporates the Item or derivatives of the Item.

  • End-User: a user of an End Product. End users can be unlimited for any license.

We will explain the terms with a simple example here.


There is a "Grocery Store A" which has "100 customers" and has asked you to develop a "Grocery App".

  • "Grocery Store A" is your client/you.

  • 100 customers are the end users which can be unlimited.

  • "Grocery App" is the end product

End Users are Charged Means:

  • It means that the end users will pay subscription fees to use your service.

Example: Grocery Store A sells grocery items online via Grocery App (i.e. end product). They have subscription charges for their users (i.e. end users) to use their service for ex: amazon prime. Here the end users are charged.

Note: If you are selling eCommerce products or any digital item then it doesn't come under "charging end-user"

If you have any query regarding which license should be perfect for you then refer to the License Page

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