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Where can I find my license key and where it is used?
Where can I find my license key and where it is used?

License key and its usage

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Once you purchase the template, you will receive an email that contains the license key.

You can also check your purchased item and license key from your account. Simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Login into the ThemeSelection

Step 2: Navigate to My Account

Step 3: You will find a license key with the respective purchased item’s details

Where will be the License Key Used?

  • Validate the purchase in order to use the template/product legally

  • License keys are required to verify the purchase and get premium support.

  • It is also required while getting the GitHub repository access for any purchased item and raising the support ticket/issue.

  • Future updates and fixes

  • In the future, it may be required to install the template packages

For more details on support refer to the article: How to get support?

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