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Why should I purchase the bundle? 🎁
Why should I purchase the bundle? 🎁

Why bundle?

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It is possible that you may require more than one template for your single/multiple projects.

Purchasing multiple templates/products will cost you a lot...!! That's where the Big Bundle comes into the picture. 🀩

You are getting all our premium products at 85% OFF, at a nearly similar price to two separate purchases. πŸŽ‰

🎁 What will I get with Big Bundle?

What’s included? 🧐

  • 13+ premium templates with popular technology stack support

    • Front-end technologies support (HTML, React, Vue, etc..)

    • Back-end. (Full-stack) technologies support (NextJS, Laravel &.NET Core)

  • 3+ UI kits (Figma & Sketch design files)

  • 30+ Stunning Dashboard layouts

  • 200+ Elegant Pages

  • 300+ Reusable components / UI Elements

  • 500+ Useful Widgets and plenty more...

  • Get access to every newly released product 🀩 (At no additional cost to you)

Want to save more? πŸ€‘

Get a 10% Instant discount when you use promo code WELCOME10 and complete your order! πŸŽ‰

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